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Bab Al-Zawiya Square, Hebron - Palestine
باب الزاويه بجانب محطة حسونه 

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Get to Hebron...

 - From Tel Aviv: In order to come to Hebron from Tel-Aviv, you first have to go to Jerusalem. The easiest way is by taking a sherut (a shared taxi) to Jerusalem, and ask to be dropped at the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem if you follow the first option listed below, or at Damascus Gate if you follow the second or third options. It costs 64NIS (from the airport) and takes around 1 hour (depending on the traffic).

You can also come by bus from Tel Aviv, more information on

 - From Jerusalem, first option: You can take an Israeli bus going directly to Hebron from the Central Bus Station: bus 381 or 383 to Hebron / Beit Romano (it costs 8NIS and takes around 1h30). It will drop you directly in the Old City of Hebron (H2), in the Jewish settlements -stop at Beit Romano, it's the last stop.

From Beit Romano, you will have to walk Shuhada Street until the Israeli checkpoint (checkpoint 56), cross it, and then you'll be out of the Old City.

It takes less than 5 minutes to walk from Beit Romano stop to our Hostel in the new city. Once you have crossed the check-point, go down on your right, until the roundabout. You will see on your right the Souk, go to the opposite direction, uphill. You will find the entrance of the hostel on the left side of the street. If you arrive at a gas station or a roundabout with a beautiful olive tree at its center, it means that you've been a little bit too far away, however if you look up you'll be able to see our sign from there. (You can ask people around if you don't find the entrance or call us and we will come looking for you.) The hostel is at the 3rd floor (with elevator). Our building is opposite the 'Hebron workers cooperative'.

Please, note that during Shabbat and other Jewish Holidays, you will have to use the other options below to travel to/from Hebron-Jerusalem.

Also, if you come on a Friday and plan to arrive AFTER 1pm, it's better for you to use one of the next options too, as the checkpoint next to Beit Romano* to join the hostel may be closed due to the weekly protests.

 - From Jerusalem, second optionyou can take a serveese (shared taxi, yellow van, what they call 'sherut' in Israel) going directly to Hebron. You'll find these serveese at Damascus Gate, near the Arab bus station.

Hebron is called Al-Khalil in Arabic (pronunciation here), if you hear some drivers yelling 'Al-Khalil!', it's for Hebron, you can join them! Otherwise, ask around 'Serveese Al-Khalil?' and people will take you to the right place.

The serveese will drop you in the city center of Hebron (new city part, H1) at the serveese station, which is very close to the hostel, or you can directly ask the driver to stop at Bab AL-Zawiya SquareYou can show our address in Arabic: باب الزاويه بجانب محطة حسونه

 - From Jerusalem, third option (more common): you can take a bus from the Arab bus station (near Damascus Gate), bus 231 or 21 (it can change, ask the driver just to make sure) to Bethlehem (price: around 7NIS), and:

 - From Bethlehem, you can take a serveese to Hebron. You can find serveese at Checkpoint 300, as well as on the road (named Hebron Road) near the main bus stop to/from Jerusalem (here) ; you can ask people around, 'Serveese Al-Khalil?'.

 - From Ramallah: you can also take a serveese (for 27NIS) going straight to Hebron. Go the the serveese station and ask, 'Serveese Al-Khalil?'.

 - From Jericho: there are direct serveese to Hebron.

 - From Nablus: You first have to take a serveese to Ramallah, and then a serveese Ramallah-Hebron. (You may also find direct serveese Nablus-Hebron, but it's a bit more expensive and they take more time.)

When you arrive in the city center of Hebron (new city part, H1) at the serveese station, or got dropped off close by by serveese or taxi, look for the gas station (very close to the souk and fruit market): if you look up from the gas station you will see our sign, 'H2 Hostel Hebron'. Walk a few steps towards the Souk, and you'll find on your right the entrance to the building of our hostel. The hostel is at the 3rd floor (with elevator). Our building is on the opposite side of the 'Hebron Workers Cooperative'.

  If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us.

  We can send you our location via WhatsApp or Signal if you want, just send us a message: +970 595 505 269.

  If you have trouble to find the hostel, you can call us or send us a message at any time, we will come looking for you!

  Make sure to have our phone number with you. (Even if your phone doesn't work in Palestine, you can still ask people in the

  street to call us for you.)

  You will see that people in Hebron are very welcoming and helpful, you will always find someone to help you find your way

  around, believe us. :)

  If you come on a Friday, note that it would be more convenient for you to arrive in the morning.

map to H2 Hostel Hebron